Beach Party with Swansea University’s Board Sports Societies

My latest video celebrates the end of the academic year for Swansea University with a beach party hosted by the board sports societies. With so much going on; from beach fires to fire breathing, I took the opportunity to film the event, and with my GoPro kit in hand, I headed down to the beach.

I aimed to capture the fun and atmosphere of the event to help the societies promote what they do throughout the year. It was also an opportunity to for the university reps for Block Head and Spotify to have content to show their employers what they had been doing. Thankfully Block Head and Spotify provided speakers and a tent respectively – both of which added great value to the party atmosphere.

Through the course of the evening, different activities occurred which made great filming – as well as beach fires, and fire breathing, there was also a DJ and beach football. The great weather and clear skies, not only complimented the party, but gave me the fortuity to fly my GoPro Karma drone.

From the ease of use of a GoPro Session and its features, I was able to safely capture close up images of a fire-eater remotely by using the GoPro app. This app allowed me to stand well away from the dangerous action, but also create the perfect shot. It gave me the freedom to check the framing of the shot and use a “Burst” mode to capture the movements. The only difficulty was finding the Session once we had finished, so perhaps a location feature within the app could be useful.

The GoPro Karma proved its worth within my filming. I was able to capture the scale of the party and set the location, incorporating both people and the horizon in the frame. This shot was an ideal record of the event for the organisers and sponsors involved, particularly for Block Head whose branded marquee can be clearly seen to be enjoyed by the attendees. I have no criticism for the Karma while shooting this video. I’m thankful to have such a portable piece of kit that creates such great shots that I would otherwise be unable create without the drone.

To round off such a great day I created a short, minute long video to share on Instagram. The images involved use a combination of Karma drone, Karma grip and Session shots to capture multiple perspectives of the party. The video not only celebrates the end of another year at Swansea University, but promotes the board sports societies for other students to get involved with. Also the attendance of Block Head allowed for them to further promote themselves by sharing my video edit on their social media campaigns.

I always enjoy opportunities to test out my GoPro gear, and create shots in atmospheres as great as this.


Cliff Jumping at Pembrokeshire Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon, located in Abereiddi, is actually a former slate quarry and was active up until 1910, before being abandoned and flooded. Nowadays, the site is owned by the National Trust and is extremely popular with adventure groups who use the site’s surviving platforms to jump into the deep water below.

The water has a very distinctive blue-green colour, which is caused by the build-up of minerals in the lagoon.

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series was held at the Blue Lagoon in 2012, 2013 and 2016.

For this video, I filmed shots with my GoPro Karma to show the scale of lagoon. The close-ups were filmed on GoPro Session cameras on floating GoPoles, with selfie shots in wide mode. Some shots were filmed from the rock face or water level, using narrow mode at 60fps to allow for some time remapping post-production.

Sunset Walk at Rhossili Bay

Rhossili Bay is an iconic feature of the Gower peninsular and is located on the South Wales coastline. The evening’s filming features the limestone cliffs, rugged coastline and sweeping sandy beach.

Myself and friends from my university ski society wanted to explore the landscape of Rhossili Bay. It also gave me the opportunity to fly and demonstrate the features of the GoPro Karma drone. Later into the evening, after using the simulation feature of the Karma, the guys took on the controls and piloted a drone for the first time under my guidance. The simple controls and user-friendly interface of Karma were all complemented on as they experienced their first flights.

Throughout the evening I captured images and video of my own. On returning home I edited my collection of clips and uploaded to YouTube.

Cheers to:
Robbie Stewart (Driving)
Matt Davis (Beers)