Lifeproof #SummerUnleashed Marketing Campaign

My most recent project features a social media campaign named #SummerUnleashed for the rugged phone case manufacture LifeProof. The company tasked me with capturing action sport or adventure moments in video, cinemagraph and/or photography, clearly including their products in the frames. Below are my final pieces.



From its stunning views, I decided Cotswold Water Park  in South Cerney, Gloucestershire, was the idea location to shoot most of my content. I aimed to capture Lifeproof’s products in some action sports settings, to highlight the product’s robust features and usp. To provide a variety of shots, I also included more traditional ‘adventure’ stills of maps and LifeProof travel essentials.

Rock Map.jpg

Lizzie Fish.jpg



I then discovered the art of creating a cinemagraph. After having self-taught myself how to create the shots, I used my own footage taken from a trip to Melincourt Waterfalls in Neath, Wales. The aim of this shot was to show how you can use LifeProof products when exploring. I juxtaposed the fast-flowing movement of the natural waterfall with the inner peace of personal adventure. This added animation to my still and make the image really stand out.

After loving the result of my cinemagraph, I then decided to create cinemagraphs from further footage taken at Cotswold Water Park. Do add to the diversity of my content, the aim of these shots were to show LifeProof products being used as part of journeys on water. Although these cinemagraphs aren’t showing the products used in “action sports,” I believe they add great value to the marketing campaign. They highlight further uses to the products – and reach out to a different type of customer, further broadening Lifeproof’s audience.


Finally to complete my Lifeproof content, I created a short video. This is mainly compiled of clips I have taken of a range of action sports over time. It is only 30 seconds long so that it is easily viewable on LifeProof social media feeds. I found this challenging as I had to ensure every second was as concise and engaging as possible.