“The Next Stage” Vlog Series – Pre Launch Campaign – Barn Theatre Marketing

After leaving Swansea and heading back home, I have now moved on to my next project. My home town’s local Barn Theatre is due to open as a professional venue in late 2017. To promote the theatre a new vlogging series has begun and I work as part of a team to help film and produce the episodes.

The Barn Theatre is the centrepiece of an ongoing million pound development based at Ingleside House; a grade II listed building located in the popular Cotswolds hotspot. The unsubsidised, not-for-profit Barn Theatre Project is pursuing a reputation as a major producing house and hopes to attract the best of UK theatre talent to the area.

The vlog series is called “The Next Stage”, and being a part of the team has inspired me to want to start vlogging myself. This project has given me an insight into vlog-style editing skills, increasing my Premier Pro knowledge.


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